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Posted by on January 14, 2014

[liveblog]Our slow beginning to 2014 continues this week, as only a few new releases show up for the metal world. However, one of them contains one of the most well-known guitarists in the international metal community, so hopefully that will generate some kind of response. Read on for details!



De La Tierra, De La Tierra (Roadrunner)


De La Tierra is the result of a project that was born almost a decade ago and given full life in 2012. Part of the vitality that came in 2012 was the formation of a complete lineup, which just so happens to feature Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser. This project definitely embodies the Latin American roots from which all of the members came, but that is about the only similarity that fans will find between this project and Sepultura. De La Tierra plays groove-laden hard rock with Latin rhythms and a strong influence from early New York hardcore and death metal. It sounds complicated, but their style on lead single “Maldita Historia” could be compared to that of early Life of Agony in some aspects, if that clarifies things for you.


Devour the Day, Time & Pressure (Caroline/Universal)


An offshoot of Egypt Central, Joey Walser and Blake Allison formed Devour the Day in late 2012 after the former band had been inactive for almost a year. Time & Pressure was self-released in May of 2013, and the group spent much of the year on the road with major acts like Sevendust, Pop Evil, Sick Puppies, Trapt, and many more. After signing a deal with Caroline in November, the group is remastering their debut for release, and they will be promoting it heavily during their stint on the Hellpop II Tour with In This Moment and Butcher Babies.


Suicidal Angels, Divide and Conquer (Noiseart)


This Greek thrash band has been around since 2001. Originally started as a school project, the band has grown to become an international force, playing at the biggest festivals in Europe and touring with thrash veterans like Kreator, Overkill, Death Angel, and Exodus. Divide and Conquer is the group’s fifth full-length album.



Next Week: A pair of highly-anticipated new albums bring the hammer down on the list. Get ready for some heavy music, folks!

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