New & Noteworthy, February 25th: Post Script

Posted by on February 25, 2014

finch_what_it_is_to_burn_x_liveAs it turns out, we do have some new releases this week, contrary to the closing of last week’s article. There isn’t much, but what there is still deserves your attention. So read on and see this week’s new music!



Finch, What It Is to Burn X (Tragic Hero)


When Finch reunited for a second time in 2012, their only purpose was to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their debut album’s release. The celebration of What It Is to Burn began with a show at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA, which was recorded to create the audio and video that is featured on this release. Finch did not stop there, as a whole series of shows were played as part of the anniversary reunion. At this point, it’s not clear if Finch intends to continue making music or not, but either way, this special release will serve to chronicle one of the most memorable periods of the band’s history.


The Kindred, Life in Lucidity (Sumerian)


Formerly known as Today I Caught the Plague, this Ottawa-based group plays a unique brand of progressive metalcore that is very difficult to classify. The band that they have the most in common with is Last Chance to Reason, but even listening to LCtR doesn’t really give an accurate idea of what you’ll hear from The Kindred. This six-piece group has to be heard to be comprehended. You can catch them live on tour right now with Between the Buried and Me, Deafheaven, and Intronaut.


Black Map, Driver (N/A)


You would expect this supergroup to be very much on the mellow side, as it features guitarist Mark Engles from Dredg, drummer Chris Robyn of Far, and guitarist/singer Ben Flanagan of The Trophy Fire. Surprisingly, though, Black Map has plenty of heaviness to their music. Listen to the track “I’m Just the Driver” to understand this project a bit better. Driver is a digital only release, so head to iTunes if you want to hear more!



Next Week: A whole mess of new albums rises out of the underground to consume your speakers. Get ready, because we’re not holding back next time! It’s going to get crazy!

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