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Posted by on December 18, 2015

The end is here, my friends. We have reached the final New & Noteworthy of 2015. However, unlike previous years, the new release calendar is not going quietly. Instead, an album that has appeared on many top 10 lists graces us with its presence immediately before we go on vacation for two weeks. Enjoy, and we’ll see you right back here in 2016!


Baroness, Purple (Abraxan Hymns)

The bus crash that happened less than a month after Yellow & Green‘s release in 2012 took a lot of momentum away from Baroness, and they’ve been struggling to get it back since then. Thankfully, Purple has arrived to help the band reclaim their spot. If you went on the scavenger hunt around the Internet yesterday, then you’ve already heard the album. But if you elected to wait for less patient minds to do the work for you, we’ve got the entire album compiled here for your streaming pleasure.


Pantera, The Complete Studio Albums (Rhino)

A celebration of Pantera’s legacy, this box set contains all five of Pantera’s studio albums in one release. While veteran metalheads will likely have no need of this, the box set would be a great way to introduce the fledgling young rocker on your holiday gift list to one of the most influential bands of all time. One excellent detail of this box set is that “Piss” is included on the disc for Vulgar Display of Power, which is great for those that want to hear the long-hidden track as a part of its original intended release. Want to win a copy of this, along with a Dean guitar? Check back here in a few hours!


Pestilence, The Dysentery Penance (Vic)

Although Pestilence has been on hold since last year, the band still has an extensive archive of material to mine into a release. The Dysentery Penance contains tracks from their first two demos, during the brief period of the band’s history when they played thrash instead of death metal. Also included are two live tracks from the band’s first festival appearance in 1988.

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