Here’s Baroness’ ‘Purple’ in it’s entirety

Posted by on December 17, 2015

Yesterday, Baroness started putting the entirety of Purple online, and they didn’t make it super easy to find it. You had to search #findpurple, and sure, it’s not like it was the most difficult thing  to do, but in this day and age, when everyone is used to finding everything online quickly and in one place.  We’ve put together a playlist, and inspired by the folks at Metal Sucks, we’ve listed the places where you can find the tracks. You can see why it wound up on at least one of our year-end lists.


“Morningstar” via Kerrang

“Shock Me” via YourBaroness.com  

“Try To Disappear” via Stereogum

“Kerosene” via Nerdist

“Fugue” via Juxtapoz

“Chlorine & Wine” via Brave Words

“The Iron Bell” via Noisey

“Desperation Burns” via Metal Injection

“If I Have To Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain)” via Drowned In Sound

“Crossroads of Infinity” via Rolling Stone Australia


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