New Ne Oblivscaris track is heavy, proggy

Posted by on September 4, 2014

Last we heard from Australian heavy prog band Ne Obliviscaris, they were trying to crowd-fund a world tour, which they did in under two days. They’d been looking for about $38,000 and wound up making $86,000. Guess that means we’ll be seeing them, then! The band have an album, Citadel, coming out on November 7th via Season of Mist. Earlier today, they streamed the first taste of it,  “Painters of the Tempest part II, movement III: ‘Curator'” via Terrorizer. Despite the ponderous song title, it’s a really solid song. Heavy, thrashy, melodic towards the end, and there are even violins on it.

You can preorder Citadel here.


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