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Posted by on October 9, 2012

It’s been several years since the release of Kylesa’s debut album for Season of Mist, the awesome Spiral Shadow. While they don’t have a proper follow-up yet, they are releasing an album to bridge the gap between their 2010 release and their next one. From the Vaults, Vol. 1 will be released on November 20. As the title suggests, the album is a compilation of alternate and previously-unreleased songs that contains one new song,”End Truth.” The song is currently streaming on Pitchfork. It picks up where Spiral Shadow left off, a psychedelic, sludgy and melodic song that suggests their follow-up album will be another scorcher.

The album also contains a take on “Drum Jam” and covers of Pink Floyd’s “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” and Buzzoven’s “Drained.” “We have spent over a year going through old songs, covers, etc. and collected those we felt went well together; remixing and finishing them up,” vocalist/guitarist/producer Philip Cope told Pitchfork. “We didn’t want to release something just thrown together so we put a lot of thought and time into it.”

The full track listing is as follows:

1.  Intro  **
2.  Inverse  **
3.  111 Degree Heat Index ***
4.  Between Silence and Sound II ***
5.  Paranoid Tempo  **
6.  End Truth *
7.  Bottom Line II ***
8.  Wavering **
9.  Bass Salts **
10.  Drained **
11.  Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun **
12.  Drum Jam **

* New
** Previously unreleased/limited availability
*** Alternate Version

The album can be pre-ordered here.

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