Nachtmystium premieres a new song “Voyager”

Posted by on November 4, 2013

Blake-JuddThis past weekend, Blake Judd released his first statement since his arrest on theft charges. While the lengthy post went into great detail about his substance abuse and how Nachtmystium may soon cease to exist, Judd did mention that he hoped to release the band’s new album The World We Left Behind in the near future. Well, less than 48 hours since his post, Judd has premiered a new song.

Judd has given Stereogum an exclusive premiere of a new song called “Voyager.” He also gave Stereogum the following explanation behind why he’s sharing said song, as well as his hopes for the new album:

“Given everything that’s going on currently, I’ve decided to put something positive out there and give the fans who are behind the band a little something new before I retreat into silence for a few months. This is a track entitled “Voyager” off of our upcoming album, The World We Left Behind, that will be released in early spring 2014 on Century Media Records worldwide. I’ve chosen this track specifically because the lyrical content and motivation behind the music written for this track has everything to do with the demons I’ve been battling leading up to this very dark period of my life, and I felt that it rings true to everything that is happening right now. Enjoy this track and look for more news on this recording, me and the band in general later this year or in early 2014. Thanks again to everyone who’s written me personally or left a comment or a ‘like’ on my recent response to all of this via my personal Facebook account. Your support is something I am deeply grateful for.”

While his first statement hinted that The World We Left Behind may be their swan song, this does confirm that Nachtmystium intends to stick around for a little while longer despite Judd’s recent personal problems. He also confirms that not only will the album be tentatively out in spring 2014, but that Nachtmystium is still with Century Media Records.

As for the song itself, we can definitely see why Judd would want fans to hear “Voyager” early on. It’s a nice reminder that despite all of the drama, Nachtmystium can still write some awesome songs. Check it out for yourself in the stream below.

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