Mystery band Dead in the Manger are anonymously impressive

Posted by on March 21, 2014

deadinthemangerIt’s always exciting when a mystery band pops out of nowhere to shred your face off. That’s what’s happened with Dead in the Manger, who have an EP coming out on 20 Buck Spin on April 29th. Who is the band, and why are they shrouded in mystery? The black metal-tinged grindcore band might (aka probably does) have members that are in other bands that won’t let them disclose who they are. Or maybe there are outstanding warrants. All we know is that the six-track EP’s song titles are even mysterious. They’re named “Parts I-VI,” so maybe the band’s Roman? Who knows, but No Clean Singing premiered “Part III,” and it leaves us wanting to hear the other parts. The band’s proper full length will be out later this year.

[thanks Michelle!]

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