axlroseHave Guns N’ Roses actually created a new song or is this something that has been floating around the Axl ether for awhile and just made it to fruition? Who knows, but you may want to check it out now because we are pretty sure that it is going to get pulled down by someone soon. While Axl doesn’t take the lead on vocals on the track, instead letting Tommy Stinson handle them, you can clearly hear his support.

The song, “Going Down,” is a little more tame than the latter stuff GNR put out, but could be something fans may embrace, simply for the fact that it’s new. Whether or not it will ever be actually released is another story. Guitarist Ron Thal, aka “Bumblefoot” Tweeted that the song was official, but the tweet has since been taken down.

While some bands and labels claim to “leak” songs ahead of release dates, we are pretty sure this one wasn’t meant for you to hear. So listen below and feel like a rebel for a bit.

UPDATE: The original stream of the link has been taken down, but Stereogum has posted the one below.