Well, that didn’t take long, or did it? After a six year wait for new material, Mose Giganticus have just released Our Machine, a remix album that was thought to be lost had been found after sitting on a hard drive for ten years. Started in 2006, the project started as a collaborative effort to remix their track “My Machine.” Band mastermind Matt Garfield explains the ideas behind the project and how it vanished:

The response to this open call for participation was amazing. Before long, remixes began trickling in and after a few months we had enough for a full CD release. However, I didn’t want the collaboration to stop there. I also planned to include a data disc with all the files necessary for fans to make their own remixes and if they’d like, submit them to be included in a Remix Collection online. I had the support of a small independent label who was on-board with the project and agreed to have the CDs pressed for this release.

About a week before I arranged to pick up the box of Remix Collection CDs, I stopped hearing back from the label that was backing the release. Upon further investigation, I found out the label had suddenly folded and disappeared, seemingly overnight. That was hard to swallow. And that was where the Remix Collection died – a week before the release date.

While it sucks that things happened this way, I think it’s all for the best. The album and source tracks are much more easily distributed by Bandcamp, where they can be downloaded for the wonderful price of name-your-own. Not to mention, editing tools are far more widely available and user-friendly than ever, so I hope they have a good response, because what they have already is really cool.

If making music with others’ music isn’t your jam, the remixes themselves are solid, stretching the synthy source material into far-reaching electronic territories. There’s an array of styles featured including industrial, glitch, downtempo, trap, and even some dancier renditions. I’m feeling the “Hulk Smash Decomposed” remix, myself (sooo sloowww). So get on over to the Mose Giganticus Bandcamp page, give it a whirl, and let us know if you whip up a remix.