Mose Giganticus begin ‘Singles Series’

Posted by on May 13, 2016

moseGood things come to those who wait. In this case, fans of Philadelphia’s Mose Giganticus are finally able to reap the rewards of their patience with a new song and video. If you’ve been counting, it’s been six years since the release of Gift Horse, the band’s synthy 2010 prog/sludge masterpiece. Considering the critical success the album received, I’m a bit surprised that it’s been this long.

It doesn’t appear that this should be the case going forward. It looks as though they’ve taken a page from the Protest the Hero D.I.Y. book and will start to release new material as it’s written, although no subscription service appears to be in effect. As a fan of how that panned out, I’m glad to see others latch on to the idea and give listeners a look into the head space of the band in the present. It’s an interesting turn for Mose Giganticus given that Gift Horse was a carefully assembled concept album.

In the first of what’s dubbed as the Singles Series, “We Are One” sees the band blending melodic sensibilities into a trudging psych stomp. There’s also an added emphasis on the visual and technical aspect of the band as they’ve whittled down to a two-piece. The “We Are One” video fits the vibe of the track perfectly and showcases their new gear. I know videos of watching a couple dudes jam in a room can be a bore, but I’m digging the spacey visuals and excellent use of lighting effects. Check it out below:


…And now we wait patiently for the next single.


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