Metal Insider’s Top 30 Albums to (hopefully) look forward to in 2020

Posted by on January 8, 2020

10) Katatonia


It’s scary to think there was a point in time when Katatonia’s future looked bleak, and just before the holidays, the group revealed some great news. While nothing is confirmed, the band has recently shared a clue leading all of us to assume a new album will arrive this year.


09) Cannibal Corpse


Cannibal Corpse wrapped up 2019 by announcing it’s time to start working on their next album and asked fans to “keep supporting death metal in the new decade.” We can only hope that meant this new record will be released this year.


08) Paradise Lost


All you have to do is follow their Instagram, and you will see several studio updates.



07) Sanctuary 


Over the summer, guitarist Lenny Rutledge told us there will be a new Sanctuary album in 2020, and the working title is Transmutation. We can assume a few veteran Sanctuary fans will remain skeptical behind this new record as it will be a first without the late Warrel Dane. While Dane’s voice will remain unforgettable and irreplaceable, frontman Joseph Michael has given a new life to the group, and it’s well worth checking out. 



06) Epica


Late last year, we caught up with Mark Jansen and he had the following to say about when Epica’s new album will arrive:

“For Epica, first of all, that new album. That’s going to be the main thing for the next year. It will probably be released around August, September 2020.”


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