Before his sudden passing, guitarist Cory Smoot (aka Flattus Maximus of GWAR) had been working on the debut album of his solo project The Cory Smoot Experiment. While he originally intended to record with numerous singers like GWAR’s Dave Brockie and Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, Smoot recorded everything (including vocals) by himself and completed work before touring with GWAR last Fall. While a CD release/ memorial show was held back in January, Metal Blade Records has announced that they will release The Cory Smoot Experiment’s album When Worlds Collide on June 5.

“Metal Blade Records is donating all the proceeds of the Cory Smoot solo album to the Smoot family. Please help us by getting the CD and enjoying the immense talent he was,” Metal Blade CEO/founder Brian Slagel explained. Smoot’s former GWAR bandmate Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) added the following about the album’s release:

“Cory Smoot is one of the great unsung heroes of metal. His musical abilities transformed GWAR from a splatter-thrash phenomena into a top metal act. And though he may have left us way too early, he left us a lifetime of music to listen to. He tore it up like few others, and will always be remembered as the true Flattus Maximus. We really loved the man, and there is not a day that goes by or a GWAR show that is played where he is not sorely missed.”

While the cover artwork for When Worlds Collide can be seen above, the song “Countdown To Oblivion” can heard in the stream after the jump. As previously said, The Cory Smoot Experiment’s When Worlds Collide hits stores on June 5, with all the proceeds going to the Cory Smoot Family Fund


Pre-orders for the album are also now available online.