Meek Is Murder are headed Downward

Posted by on March 18, 2015

You can’t accuse Brooklyn grind trio Meek is Murder of not having any direction. The Brooklyn-based band are releasing a double EP, one of which is titled Onward. Each song on the EP involves movement, with titles like “Inward” and “Upward.” That EP will be released in conjunction with the previously-release Into the Sun. While the band have already released “Outward,” today they premiered “Downward” on Alternative Press. It’s a short song that features the band careening through several tempos in it’s brief 1:44 running time.

Here’s the track listing for the EPs, which can be picked up on May 5 on Rising Pulse Records.

Onward EP:
1) Foreword
2) Inward
3) Upward
4) Outward
5) Downward
6) Onward Toward a Red Horizon
Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky EP:
1) Private William Hudson (Dead Meat)
2) Ellen Ripley (Into the Sun)
3) Doctor Emmett Brown (Endless in our Fleeting)
4) Marty McFly (88 mph)
5) Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Out of Gas)


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