Marilyn Manson guns it with new song

Posted by on January 7, 2015

Marilyn Manson thrives on reinvention, as anyone that’s followed his career for the last twenty years should know. For his forthcoming ninth album, The Pale Emperor, his latest incarnation may be the most shocking of all – some semblance of maturity. “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” was moody and atmospheric, more rock and less shock.”Deep Six” is a little more of a rocker,  but “Cupid Carries a Gun,” which fans of the TV show Salem might have heard as the theme song, splits the difference. It’s not particularly heavy, and has more of a glam rock vibe. The influence of the album’s co-producer Tyler Bates, who’d mainly worked as a film and TV composer, shines through.

“Cupid Carries a Gun” is streaming now on Spotify, and is also available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon. The Pale Emperor will be released on January 20th on Loma Vista, and can be pre-ordered here.

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