The new Marilyn Manson album, Pale Emperor, comes out  January 20th but you can finally stream the band’s ninth album in its entirety below.

Back in early 2014 the iconic Manson told Kerrang Magazine about this new album:

“The redneck in me comes out in my voice, and its got some old blues mixed with the very hard elements. I want to retain what I think is good about the past, what music I did and who I am. It’s not about being pissed about the world – it’s about realising someone has to fuck things up.”

There are some blues influences on the album, but filtered through Manson, it still sounds pretty unique. His work with co-producer Tyler Bates, who’s primarily a film and television composer, has resulted in music that’s a bit more cinematic. While “Cupid Carries a Gun” has been out as the theme of TV show Salem for nine months now, “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” and “Deep Six” have also been released, giving you an idea of what to expect. went live with the album earlier this morning, but you can hear it below. Though not Marilyn Manson’s heaviest release, it remains just as dark as anything released by the band since their 1994 debut, Portrait of an American Family. It’s certainly the most interesting album he’s put out in some time.

This is also the first Marilyn Manson album to feature drummer Gil Sharone, who’s in Stolen Babies and has also played with The Dillinger Escape Plan. Shooter Jennings also offers up some guitar on the album alongside Bates.

You can pre-order Pale Emperor on Amazon now. It will be released on Loma Vista Recordings on January 20th.