Listen To Metallica And Lou Reed’s “The View” In Its Entirety

Posted by on September 26, 2011


Last week, Metallica and Lou Reed gave fans a 30 second snippet of a new song called “The View.” While we thought Lou Reed’s vocals sounded more out of place than William Shatner did on his own cover of “Iron Man,” we also acknowledged that we only heard half a minute of the song. Well late Sunday night, Reed and the band posted the entire song online for the world to hear, and unfortunately it didn’t do much to change our minds. Reed’s voice still sound higher in the mix than the music, and James Hetfield’s vocals are really the only thing that stand out in the song.

While “The View” didn’t wow us, we’re still nonetheless interested in hearing Metallica and Lou Reed’s collaborative album Lulu, which comes out on November 1. It’s an unusual pairing of musicians that could produce something interesting. However, “The View” indicates that the album might not appeal to a lot of Metallica fans. In case you so happen to like the single so much that you need to own it, “The View” will be available in digital stores starting tomorrow (September 27).

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