Listen to 36 Crazyfists cover X Ambassadors’ “Renegades”

Posted by on April 7, 2016

36cfDo you know “Renegades”  by X Ambassadors? Well, maybe only if you listen to the radio. Or watch TV, or go anywhere music is played. The song from the Ithaca band was used in a Jeep commercial (for the Renegade, natch), and took off from there. In addition to that, and its successful run at top 40 radio, it was also used in The Flash.  At any rate, it’s one of those songs that you’ll probably hear and be like ‘oh yeah, I know that song.’ And now you’ve got another way to hear it – via a cover that 36 Crazyfists did as a stopgap between Time and Trauma and whatever comes next. The band, currently on tour with Killswitch Engage and Memphis May Fire, said this about the song:

“Before the Killswitch Engage tour, we wanted to get something out to our fans and let them know we had a new album in the works and in the meantime hear something that we did to step outside our normal box and put our own stamp on a song that our A&R guru Darren suggested we attempt. This is the final product of such attempt and it was pretty fun to do to a song that is fairly mellow but lyrically was pretty powerful and something we could get behind. We gave the song a shot of strong Whiskey and took it out for a rip!”

The song will be available as a digital download tomorrow. Check it out below:


[via Loudwire]

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