49c39dc1e63c0743-THIEVESBANNERWhile they’ve been playing Ministry’s “Thieves” since as far back as Woodstock ’99, Limp Bizkit have finally laid down their version of it in the studio, and they’re offering a free download of it.. It’s actually nowhere near as bad as it could have been, mainly because Fred Durst isn’t rapping, and apparently because they’ve had at least 14 years to perfect it. It gets a little Limp Bizkit-y around the 3:20 mark with a bunch of “get the fuck ups,” and kind of falls apart towards the end, but it’s as aggressive as anything Limp Bizkit has put out. It’s not known whether this recording session was the infamous one in which Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen got Durst to sing naked in a cowboy hat, but it would be epic if it was. Also of note is that if Bizkit’s been working on the new album since 2011, and the second track to be released from it is a cover, then… well, I guess that’s about par for the course.

It’s still not known when Stampede of the Disco Elephants will be out on Lil Wayne’s Cash Money records, but with two songs out there, you’d have to imagine that it’ll be coming out before too long.