Khemmis have A Conversation With Death

Posted by on May 3, 2017

Denver sludge rockers Khemmis have released two pretty great albums in as many years, and while they don’t have a follow-up to last year’s Hunted yet, they do have something for fans to tide them over for the time being. They did a split with Spirit Adrift, Fraught with Peril that will be out on June 16th. The split finds both bands covering classic folk tracks, and Khemmis have chosen “A Conversation With Death.” They put their own take on the song, and it’s heavy, and guitar-driven, but the band know when to lay back, and they nail some sweet a capella harmonies to make the Appalachian dirge their very own. The other side finds Spirit Adrift covering “Man of Constant Sorrow,” which you’ve probably heard quite a bit if you’ve ever seen O Brother Where Art Thou?

Fraught with Peril will be out on June 16th, and can be preordered here.


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