The Black Dahlia Murder Releasing A Split With Pig Destroyer?

Posted by on March 15, 2012

Heavy Blog Is Heavy has heard a rumor that will likely please a lot of fans. Around 2005/ 2006, The Black Dahlia Murder and Pig Destroyer each supposedly recorded three punk covers for a split. Though it’s unclear as to why said split was never released, rumor has it that it could finally see the light of day soon.

Granted, both bands have had numerous lineup changes since the split was supposedly recorded (which would have been around the same time as the bands’ respective releases Terrifyer and Miasma). Nevertheless, it would still be pretty awesome to hear previously unreleased material from The Black Dahlia Murder and Pig Destroyer, even if they are covers.

However, before we get ourselves worked up over this, it should be reiterated that this is a rumor heard by Heavy Blog Is Heavy. As of now, no confirmation about such a split has been given by either band’s camp. Of course, we can still remain hopeful about the split’s existance/release.

[via Heavy Blog Is Heavy through Metal Sucks]

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