duodetwangNot that the canon of grunge has songs that should never be touched, because it’s only a 20 year-old genre. However, if a list was to be made of songs that shouldn’t be covered, Alice In Chains rock radio staple “Man in the Box” would be high on the list. But if anyone was given a free pass, it would certainly be Primus master bassist Les Claypool. His project Duo de Twang has reinterpreted the song for their forthcoming album Four Foot Shack, and, well, it’s certainly Claypool-ized. Unsurprisingly, the acoustic version is bass-driven, with some banjo thrown in as well. It pretty much sounds like the picture that accompanies the song, which shows and collaborator Bryan Kehoe sitting on a country porch. In addition to covering Alice In Chains, the album also features covers of songs by the Bee Gees, Jerry Reed, the Chantays, and Claypool’s own bands Primus and Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade.

Four Foot Shack will be released on ATO on February 4