Here’s 10 minutes of Alcest at their shoegaze-y best

Posted by on January 3, 2014


With the exception of Opeth and Shining, there are few bands that have made as many artistic shifts away from their original genres as Alcest. Turning from a black metal band into what’s essentially a gorgeous shimmery shoegaze post-rock band fits the French duo well, however. And yesterday, Noisey premiered “Délivrance,” a track from the band’s forthcoming album Shelter, which will be released on January 21st via Prophecy Productions. They’ve completely divorced themselves from black metal with this, and it’s more in keeping with Sigur Ros, which is fitting, since Birgir Jon Birgirsoon, who’s produced them, also produced Shelter. There’s barely a distorted guitar to be heard here, and if you’re expecting teh metalz, then you’ll be sadly disappointed. Us, we’re going to keep listening to it, as it’s the perfect soundtrack to a snow-covered ground. It’s a lot more brooding than “Opale,” a song the band released last year, but we’re definitely digging it more.



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