Heiress are of Great Sorrow with new album

Posted by on February 5, 2015

Heiress are streaming their new album, Of Great Sorrow, their follow-up to their 2013 debut full-length, Early Frost, which came out on Deathwish. This new album, released by The Mylene Sheath, was recorded by Tad Doyle, and will come out February 10th.

Said guitarist Wes Reed in an interview with No Echo, on working with The Mylene Sheath:

“The Mylene Sheath has put out records for a couple different bands our guitarist Mark Holcomb has been in over the last few years (Dust Moth, Aeges, San Angelus), plus we love a ton of their roster, so it seemed like a great fit. Mark floated the idea of releasing some of our music to them and they were on board. All of our interactions with The Mylene Sheath have been great, especially considering that we haven’t been able to tour to support our albums in the past, and probably won’t be able to go on the road that much in the future due to jobs and kids, etc.”

This album isn’t even in stores yet but the band has a third album on the way this year, with producer Matt Bayles.

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