Hate unveil title track to new album “Rugia”

Posted by on August 19, 2021


Hate have announced their new album, Rugia, will be released on October 15th via Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to 2019’s Auric Gates Of Veles was recorded in the Hertz Recording Studio in Poland, and it was recorded, mixed and mastered by the Wiesłaski Brothers (Behemoth, Decapitated). Today (19th), the Polish death/black metal outfit  has unveiled the title track. 


Vocalist/guitarist ATF Sinner comments:

“It was clear to me that it should build upon and evolve from our previous record, ‘Auric Gates Of Veles’ (2019), both musically and lyrically. However, every Hate record stands as a separate journey, and never twice to the same place. You never know exactly where it will lead you.”


Drummer Pavulon, who joined the group in 2014, was forced to step down due to serious health issues, as Nar-Sil (Neolith, Virgin Snatch, Embrional) took his place. 


Sinner explains:

“Working with a new drummer this time around was a fascinating experience for me. Nar-Sil’s technique and presence are quite different from Pavulon’s, and that definitely comes across. I believe we managed to construct a refreshing new chapter to our discography, composing nine truly sinister onslaughts of pure rage.”


Conflicts and compromises resulted in the positive outcome of the album as Sinner expressed:

 “Here we encountered many problems, contradictory visions too. The producers had their own idea for the overall sound, which differed from what I had in mind, so we were trying to find a good compromise and it took us a few months.

Well, the fire is still burning! I’m proud that I have built a band with such strong energy, that’s lasted for a long time in spite of numerous line-up changes and obstacles in our way. We are still here and we create with ever growing consciousness and dedication. The energy speaks through us. Honestly, I think of the band as something much bigger and more profound than the individual people involved in it over any given period of time. I believe we create a channel for energies that surpass us.”

Listen to the song below and pre-order the album here:




01) Rugia

02) The Wolf Queen

03) Exiles of Pantheon

04) Saturnus

05) Awakening the Gods Within

06) Resurgence

07) Velesian Guard

08) Sun of Extinction

09) Sacred Dnieper



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