We were big fans of Finland’s Beastmilk when their debut album was released a few years back. The bad news is that was their only album, as they broke up shortly afterwards. The  good news is that singer Kvohst and bassist Valterri Arino continued on as Grave Pleasures, with help from guitarist Linnea Olsson, formerly of The Oath. The band’s debut album, Dreamcrash, was released in Columbia in the rest of the world and on Metal Blade here in North America, and for the most part, the band maintains Beastmilk’s sound of post-punk, goth and metal, or as Rolling Stone described them, “Interpol with balls.”

” target=”_blank”>Decibel is streaming “Futureshock” from the album, and while it’s not as immediately hooky as the first album to our ears, it’s still a catchy song that maintains their sound. If your taste in music leans a little more to the alternative side you’ll want to give this a listen. While it’s been out digitally, the physical version of Dreamcrash will be released on Metal Blade this coming Friday, November 13th. You can preorder it here.