Godflesh ablaze with “A World Lit Only By Fire”

Posted by on September 29, 2014

The new Godflesh album, A World Lit Only By Fire, is streaming now over at NPR. This new full-length album, the first in 13 years since the release of Hymns, came about as founder Justin Broadrick was looking for an outlet for material that didn’t quite fit with his other projects.

“I’ve been fantasizing and imagining this for a long long time. I had many rhythms in my mind for many years where I thought, ‘Wow. I’d love that rhythm to be a Godflesh rhythm, and hopefully we can re-begin at some point and I can use that rhythm.’ That’s a lot of what Godflesh is about. Compositionally, half of it is born from riffs in a traditional sense, and the other half is born from beats, literally machine beats, and all we’re trying to do is musically interpret rhythms. Because Godflesh is simple. It’s all about groove, really.”

The new album, out October 7th, may not be the last. Said Broadrick in our recent interview,

“I absolutely intend to make records now with Godflesh as long as I feel inspired to write the music and feel that it’s a natural form of expression.”

A four-song EP, Decline & Fall, came out earlier this year.

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