Glassjaw are back with a New White Extremity

Posted by on December 1, 2015

With only two full length albums in 22 years, Glassjaw aren’t the most prolific artists out there. However, the Long Island band are still one of the more influential bands in post-hardcore. The band’s last album, Worship and Tribute, was released 13 years ago, although they’e been teasing a new album since 2006. But if the success of Faith No More, Failure and Refused have taught us anything, it’s that there are legions of fans that want to hear more music by the bands they grew up listening to. Today, the band released “New White Extremity” via Soundcloud, the first music from the band since their 2011 EP Coloring Book. There’s no word yet on when their third album is coming out, what it’s called, or what label it will be on, but the new song will appeal to anyone that’s been a fan of the band for their last few decades.


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