The third album from Deafheaven, New Bermuda, is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. While 2013’s Sunbather was a polarizing album, it was also a really successful one, likely the biggest American black metal release ever. The band have signed to a new label, Anti,  and released a trailer for the album. And today, they unveiled the first song from the album, “Brought to the Water.” It’s a stunning song that’s heavier and less ethereal than all of Sunbather, even at its 8:30 running time. The song’s dynamic illustrates what’s made the band so popular, though. Starting out heavy and fast, there’s a melodic midtempo section before it kicks back in to the main part of the song, and has a piano coda. Here’s what frontman George Clarke tells Pitchfork, who premiered the song today, about “Brought to the Water”:

“We wanted to share ‘Brought to the Water’ first because it gives a good idea of the overall sonic tone of the record and really evokes feelings that come with uprooting and throwing oneself into the complacent, monotonous routine of adulthood.”

Deafheaven – Brought to the Water