Hailing from Niagara Falls, Canadian metal outfit Varius’ new EP, Concordance, is scheduled to arrive this Friday (5th). To celebrate their latest material, the group has teamed up with Metal Insider for an early stream. Concordance is about diversity and consistency as each track was written by a different band member bringing in fresh heavy energy in four distinct directions. 


The band explains:

“We are very excited to present our new EP, the strongest Varius release to date. The result is an EP defined by both its diversity and its consistency in spirit. We were all very motivated to bring each others’ visions to life, and the tracks came together as some of our heaviest and grooviest to date. Each of the four songs are rooted firmly in their own area of the metal spectrum, and they are as varied lyrically as they are musically. “Concordance” explores themes of battle, demonic magics, psychological challenges, and a bleak look at the future of death. We believe that all types of metal fans, and fans of fantasy and science fiction alike, are sure to find something they like about it.”


Stream the EP below and pre-order here:


Track List:
01) Golden Crown (6:03)
02) Concordance of the Legionfall (4:59)
03) Lament of Dissonance (4:43)
04) Gut Shoveler (5:28)
CD Bonus Track:
05) P.I.S.S.