Exclusive EP Stream: The Canines unveil debut EP ‘Architect’

Posted by on June 24, 2021

Meet Atlanta post-hardcore newcomers The Canines as the group has teamed up with Metal Insider to unveil their debut single and EP, Architect. Those who enjoy The Mars Volta, ERRA, and Coheed & Cambria, will want to give this a listen as it introduces their intricate style and math-rock influence, which the EP will officially arrive tomorrow (25th) via 59 X Records. 


Guitarist Alex Var comments:

“The song Architect introduces a character that goes by the same name who plays a pivotal role in the story behind our lyrics. He comes from a race of aliens with special powers, known as the Estrallans, who are revered as gods by other beings in the universe. He manifests his powers by being able to create planets where he sets the rules for that world. The architect sees this as an opportunity to remove his people’s one-sided control over all other life. He creates a set of trials for other races to prove themselves worthy of becoming gods of their worlds. After granting godhood to two individuals, he realizes that those who pass his trials usually end up corrupted by their power. He starts to regret his actions and isolates himself to stop any other corrupt gods from being made.” 


Stream the EP below:



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