Exclusive EP Stream: Atria – ‘Ground Zero’

Posted by on August 17, 2023

Photo Credit – Lisa Thompson – Dark Moon Productions


Metal powerhouse Atria are back with their compelling EP, Ground Zero. With a fresh lineup and a bold new direction, the band dives deep into personal struggles and battles against inner demons. Lead vocalist Tom Emmans fuels the EP’s emotional core, sharing:

“I find myself in a world that I barely believe in, I try to be hopeful when I can but at the end of the day, we’re all just a little broken. I am expressing the broken side so I can be healthy when I walk off stage. It’s therapeutic, cathartic, but it’s really hard. It comes from a real place and it’s not always fun. Musically, for this record, it’s definitely gotten more aggressive, we always wanted to blend a lot of melodies and an anthemic chorus’ with brutality. I feel like the fans will agree that on this new one, we’ve gotten much better at doing that.”

Teamed up with producer Jon Howard (Threat Signal) and a revamped lineup, Ground Zero is promised to be a five-track burst of infectious metalcore. For fans of Avatar, Slipknot, and Killswitch Engage, Atria’s new EP is for you. Ground Zero EP drops tomorrow (18th), and we have the early stream below:





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