About a month ago, we were extremely psyched when we heard a track from a band called Dead in the Manger. We’d like to tell you more about the band, but everything about them is shrouded in mystery. According to their label 20 Buck Spin, they don’t know much about the band either, only that they wanted to release their debut EP, Transience, after hearing it. The EP’s six tracks (named “Part I-VI”) clock in at an economical 20 minutes. Starting off with an ambient instrumental, the rest of the EP is full of an impressive mix of black metal and sludge and a tinge of post-rock. It’s enough to leave you wanting a proper full-length, which apparently the band is in the process of working on for a release later this year.

Today, we’re excited to bring you the premiere of the EP before its release on 20 Buck Spin this coming Tuesday (29). Find out more about Dead in the Manger here. But not much more.