Canadian metal outfit Red Cain are gearing up for their new album, Kindred: Act II, out digitally tomorrow (22nd), with the CD physical release out via Sliptrick Records later this year. The group’s style is a mix between progressive, power, and gothic metal. They are influenced by bands such as Kamelot and Symphony X. However, their music also uses Slavic myth and Russsian elements of paganism in their storytelling. Their upcoming record is another continuation of their dark, conceptual Faustian sagas blending unique storytelling with melodic beats. Today (21st), the band has teamed up with Metal Insider for an exclusive early stream of their latest effort.      

Vocalist Evgeniy Zayarny comments:

“Step forward in the ranks of the Varyag Mstislav, hear the chilling call of the Nameless Exarch, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Aztec warrior Zalcoatl in the depths of an ancient Ziggurat. Experimental, aggressive, yet melodic and recognizably Red Cain, the second act in the “Kindred” saga sets the bar even higher in the hybrid prog/power style we have made our own.
Inspired by the age-old Slavic rites honouring the Sun and continuing the storytelling tradition of Veles, this album is an amalgam of myths, genres, and emotions – and we could not be more proud to be able to share it with you.
All stories must come to an end – but this is one where the action and intensity is at its peak. This is a story where the stakes are lethal, where the music is loud and the melodies cut deep – where the frozen North wind chills the land and an eldritch specter hangs over the horizon. Above all, this is a story of humanity reaching out toward the Sun, come what may. This is our story of “Kindred” – and we are absolutely fired up to bring you with us on this mad ride.”


Steam the album below and pre-order here