David Silveria’s (ex-KoRn) new band Breaking in a Sequence (BIAS) drop “Acronym” EP

Posted by on January 25, 2021


Breaking in a Sequence, a.k.a. BIAS, has dropped a new EP titled Acronym. The band features former KoRn drummer David Silveria, bassist Chris Dorame, guitarists Joe Taback and Mike Martin, and singer Rich Nguyen. BIAS originally came on the radar back in January 2019 with their single, “Pity.” The track surprisingly quickly reached No. 23 on the Billboard (BDS) Indicator chart and No. 9 on the Foundations (SMR) chart.

Taback spoke about forming BIAS:

“We received hundreds of submissions from all over the world and heard a lot of amazingly talented people. Rich came in and we just instantly vibed. The songs flowed without a hitch. We were able to get a lot done with him in a very short span of time.”

Dorame added:

“I felt that he immediately connected with what we are trying to portray musically; he fit right in. His style is unique, yet familiar enough to be the perfect voice for our music.”

Nguyen discussed writing lyrics with a mindset of relating with the listener:

“The lyrics that I write are both personal and abstract. Every song I write has two meanings; mine and your interpretation. I try to write my lyrics vague enough for people to relate to and form their own opinions. However, if you know me personally, you may be able to figure what I’m talking about, maybe.”

Silveria commented on the name of the band:

“This band doesn’t feel like work; it feels like getting together with buddies and just having fun. This is how it should be. We chose BIAS because everyone has their own opinions and preferences that influence their actions in some way or the other. Whether we know it or not, we all have our own version of bias.” Nguyen added: “It’s also short and simple.”

Track list:

01) Pity
02) Hesitation
03) Change Your Mind
04) Midlife Crisis (FAITH NO MORE cover)
05.)Anything But Right
06) Delusional

Check out the “Acronym” EP below!



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