What does a song featuring Dave Grohl, Slipknot/Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor, Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen and Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder sound like? Well, now we know the answer. BBC Radio 1 recently premiered the collaboration recorded for the soundtrack to Grohl’s Sound City documentary. And thanks to Antiquiet, a quality audio rip of the song titled “From Can To Can’t” has made its way online.

While it may not exactly be “Slipknot-heavy,” this bluesy rock track certainly packs one a punch. And we bet it sounds just as killer live, which we’ll likely get to hear during the Sound City Players’ upcoming show at the Sundance Film Festival. Check out “From Can To Can’t” for yourself in the video above or over at Antiquiet (at least until it gets taken down for good).

UPDATE: High quality audio of “From Can To Can’t” has been upload to Sound City Movie’s official YouTube page and can be heard in the video above.