This one begins with a story: BL’AST! were a California based hardcore punk band that was around back in the ’80’s. They were very influential in their time, and were renowned for their next-level musical skills and unrestrained, energetic style. Their 1985 release The Power of Expression was a highly regarded and prized album. It’s success led them to be signed by label SST for their next two releases It’s In My Blood in 1987 and Take The Maniac Ride in 1989, after which point the group disbanded.

Cut to 2012. Former BL’AST! guitarist Mike Neider finds some old BL’AST! tapes in an abandoned storage locker and sends them to label Southern Lord to see what can be done. Needless to say, after sitting around for over 20 years, the quality was not great, so Southern Lord had to call in the big dogs. In this case, that meant BL’AST fanatic Dave Grohl, the former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman. Grohl was enthusiastic about the chance to remaster the lost piece of hardcore history. With the digitized version of the previously unreleased music in hand, he set about restoring 20+ years of lost audio fidelity.

But that’s not all. What was discovered was that the record was actually from a brief period in the bands history during which current Alice in Chains vocalist William Duvall was on second guitar. Up until this point, there were no recordings of his time in the band. Now, the album is set to be released with all of the restorative capability of 2013 technology. The album is called Blood, and will be released by Southern Lord on September 3rd. This time traveling record is one all hardcore fans should check out.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming new/old album: