Coliseum remix album filled with Black Magic Punks

Posted by on December 11, 2014

Black Magic Punks, the latest release from Coliseum, is a collection of “remixes and reinterpretations” of tracks from their 2013 album, Sister Faith. It features the work of Cold Cave, Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh, Atsuo of Boris, Justin Foley of The Austerity Program and more.

This collection of remixes is a self-released effort, on a 12″ record, limited to 500 copies, and comes with a download code.

Coliseum has recently finished their fifth studio album, which will come out in early 2015 on Deathwish, their first with the label. This will also be their first album with no outside contributors.

Black Magic Punks track listing:

1. Black Magic Punks (Album Version)
2. Heavy Magic Punks: Aniki Mix (Atsuo)
3. Black Magic Punks (Cold Cave)
4. Glass I: Everything in Dub (J. Robbins)
5. Blkmgc Punks (Justin Foley)

6. White Magic Punks: Sorcerer Mix (Justin K. Broadrick)
7. Cat Magic Punks: Black Ice Mix (R Pattern)
8. (Above) The Blood Of The Moon: Underneath Mix (R Pattern)
9. Black Magic Hunks (xo Madisyn)
10. Black Magic Punks (Demo)

(via ThePRP)

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