Coheed and Cambria want to borrow your Eraser

Posted by on October 1, 2015

Coheed and Cambria’s first non-Amory Wars album, The Color Before the Sun, will be out on October 16th. The band’s eighth album is still instantly recognizable as Coheed despite its lack of overarching narrative, though. The first few songs we’ve seen from it via “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid” and “Here to Mars” find the band writing more straightforward rock, veering away from the metal that they’ve flirted with since the beginning of their career. Now via Noisey, the band have released “Eraser,” a song that’s got some nice guitar crunch despite it’s major key chorus. In the interview, Claudio Sanchez talks about the new album, saying it came pretty suddenly and that he wasn’t sure it would necessarily be a Coheed album:

Honestly I didn’t know I was writing a record because I was so perplexed by my situation. So all of the songs started to come, and they were just reflections of how I was feeling with the sense of exposure. So I kind of finished the ten songs and looked at them, they didn’t scream a Coheed album. They were the shorter and conciser side of the band, it felt like extremely different to me. So I started to toy around with the idea of it being a solo record. And I thought a bit more, and I’d always hoped Coheed would be limitless in terms of creativity. I didn’t want to put walls up in the styles of music we did, or the bands we toured with. Bring it my way and let’s do it. So I thought why should the concept be anything different? The progressive side doesn’t really show itself too much on the record, so I figured why not be so different. And I was making a huge change in my life. All of these things are happening, and those songs reflect those hurdles we had to jump before he was born and then when he was here and among us. So I thought why not allow the songs to speak for themselves. Since I’m making this huge move for myself in life, maybe I should do that artistically with Coheed.

We’re liking what we’ve heard from the album so far, even if it doesn’t seem like this is going to be their prog-metal masterpiece.

The Color Before the Sun is out on October 16th on 300 Entertainment. It can be preordered here.


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