cobalt slow foreverWe’ve been waiting for seven long years to get our hands on Cobalt’s newest album Slow Forever which will be out this coming Friday but, as it’s been the rule for many bands in the past few years, the band and Profound Lore are eager for its release and are streaming the album in its entirety right now.

Cobalt isn’t your typical black metal band and usually think outside of the box by incorporating very intrinsic passages and phrasing into their music but Slow Forever takes a step back and goes out as a much simpler, riff-oriented record which combines elements of crust punk and black metal harmoniously. You won’t find the reinvention of the wheel here in a genre standpoint of view or even the band’s own discography but it is a solid record to blast for almost 90 minutes of your time.

You can still pre-order the upcoming double album now at the Profound Lore website.