It’s hard to remember, but MTV used to break bands. Even after they stopped playing videos, in the early to mid 2000s, the popularity of Jackass helped put CKY on the map. The Westchester, PA-based group, who initially got popular via skateboarding videos, were more or less the house band of the series, perhaps due to the fact that Bam Margera’s brother Jess was in the band. At any rate, they announced earlier this year that they were back after having broken up in 2011, and had signed to eOne.

Today, they released a new song, “Days of Self Destruction.” The band’s signas ature sound is still intact, with melodic vocals and a thick sound that’s due to synth backing the basslines. There is one difference, however, in that Mastodon’s Brent Hinds appears on the track. Most newly-engaged people bask in the congratulations. Not Brent, however. He laid down vocals and perhaps some guitar as well, as there’s some blistering guitar solos on the track. However, it oddly fades out mid-solo, which will probably leave most fans wanting more. Maybe that’s the point?