Chilean blackgaze project Saddhu have announced their new single titled “M.A.” to be released on April 13 through all digital platforms. This new track is an affirmation of the particular atmospheric-melodic sound that has distinguished them since the beginning, with hints of black metal and Asian music navigating dark tonalities to create a piece full of intricate and alluring content. This new single creates a sense of nostalgia and constant peace as the notes begin to resonate with the strumming of the guitar and are followed by a calm voice that is accompanied by the rapid sound of the other instruments.

Saddhu started out as a solo project of guitarist and composer Bastián Basaure, transmuting this year and becoming a quartet after the addition of three new musicians who anonymously take the stage to create a new listening experience for all the fans of this enigmatic musical style. To celebrate the new release, Saddhu will perform live in an intimate session on April 13th at Warehouse where they will play M.A. as well as their most emblematic tracks in an evening that promises to be a reunion with an unforgettable otherworldly sound.