The Bay Area thrash scene is a pretty tight-knit crew, and Chemical Burn is proof of that. The band are only about to release their second album, Raining Anvils, but many hallmarks of the Bay Area abound. Juan Urtaeaga, who has produced Testament, Machine Head and Exodus, produced the album. The band’s Mike Garnica was a guitar tech for the likes of Testament, Dragon Lord and Laaz Rocket. And Mike Pattison from Circle II Circle plays on the album as well. Today, the band premiered the album opener, “I Rise, I Fly,” on Revolver. The band spoke about the meaning of the song:

The album presents some pretty ugly real life situations that people can relate to – domestic violence, police brutality, losing a loved one,” the front man proclaims. “I Rise I Fly is about not just enduring those situations, but coming out on top. And sonically, it just sounds like you’re kicking the shit out of anything that dares to fuck with you.

Raining Anvils comes out on August 7 on MegaSonic, and can be preoredered here. The band will be playing with Dave Lombardo’s Philm on July 21 at the Whisky A Go Go.