Bad Wolves premiere “Zombie” cover that Dolores O’Riordan was set to sing on

Posted by on January 19, 2018

Bad Wolves have released the cover version of The Cranberries classic song, “Zombie.” The group were scheduled to meet with vocalist Dolores O’Riordan in London for a recording session of this track but, unfortunately, she was found dead in her hotel room. While we still don’t know her cause of death and, the police didn’t find anything suspicious, the metal band decided to premiere this song today (19th) as a tribute to the singer’s life.

Rolling Stone noted that their version of the tune was approved by O’Riordan herself. The lyrics for the track was written about an Irish Republican Army attack that killed two children in 1993. Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy Vext altered these lyrics to make it more modern such as “Drones” and “it’s the same old theme in 2018.”

Vext expressed to Rolling Stone:

“Her lyrics in that song still reflect social unrest, political turmoil and humanity’s persistence in modern struggles. The reasons might change, but there’s still collateral damage with people’s struggle for power and freedom.”

The singer also complimented O’Riordan’s talent:

“When you watch her perform live or listen to her recordings, there’s so much honesty, transparency and vulnerability. That’s something every artist should strive for.”

Everyone thought the news on O’Riordan’s passing was a joke or hoax and, even Vext was shocked with disbelief:

“She just seemed exuberant and super excited and full of life. It just doesn’t make sense. I thought it was a joke. I didn’t think it was real. It’s surreal and it’s been overwhelming and sad. Regardless of the collaboration, the most important thing to me is that here are three kids who don’t have a mom. And it’s heartbreaking.”

All profits to the cover version will go towards O’Riordan’s three children.

Check out the cover below:

Listen to the original:

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