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For our inaugural Amplified column, we bring you Los Angeles’ sludge merchants Colombian Necktie. The quintet’s debut full length, Twilight Upon Us, will be out next month, but we’re debuting the song “Sleepwalking” today. The song really highlights what we dig about the band. Starting off with a nearly minute and a half ethereal instrumental that could almost be mistaken for Pelican, the second half of the song explodes into a concise volley of riffs with guitarists Juan Hernandez-Cruz and Ben Daniels providing a backdrop to vocalist Scott Werren’s anguished vocals.

“We don’t feel like we fit in any one genre, we just kind of slam things against a wall and focus more on how it makes us feel than where it fits in,” Hernandez-Cruz says. “Our influences range from Cave In and Snapcase to Orchid and Page 99 so we never try to limit ourselves when it comes to what we do stylistically.”

You can pick up Twilight Upon Us on August 19th. Keep up with Colombian Necktie on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Bandcamp.