Amaranthe to release ‘Helix’ in October

Posted by on August 10, 2018

Amaranthe have revealed that October 19th will be the release date for their new album Helix via Spinefarm Records. The record will be the first to feature new singer Nils Molin as we’ve seen their style continue to evolve after yesterday’s “365” premiere.

Guitarist Olof Mörck commented on the album:

“The Helix album itself is a statement, a declaration and an assertion that we are here to stay, and that the songwriting and musicianship has been honed and maximized to the highest level yet on an Amaranthe record. The process of composing this album with Elize [Ryd] was as inspiring as it was smooth, and from a composer’s and arranger’s perspective, a dream collaboration. The time is nigh, the die is cast, and all the stars are right: the Helix will steamroll across the globe, and in its wake, the touring machine that is Amaranthe will conquer all!”

Elize Ryd added:

“Helix describes the concept of how the past forms us and how life makes us become. No excuses, no regrets. We express the challenges and the uplifting moments in time, and all that in between with the sounds that we love. We want to dedicate this album to all the fighters and friends out there.”


“The Score”







“Breakthrough Stardust”

“My Haven”






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