All That Remains give purists the bird with Tru-Kvlt-Metal

Posted by on February 10, 2015

All That Remains have released a new song today, from their upcoming album The Order of Things, which comes out February 24th. A teaser for the song, “Tru-Kvlt-Metal,” went up on Friday, but today you can hear the whole song.

Vocalist Phil LaBonte told Billboard about the meaning of the track:

“It’s really sarcastic. It’s really directed towards the people that we’ve heard year after year, record after record, saying, ‘Oh, put out another record like (2006’s) The Fall of Ideals. We’ve done that, and even if we did it, some purist would say it’s tarnished anyway because we’ve already done it. You can’t win, so (the song) is kind of like flicking my nose at them and giving them the bird.”

When not giving the bird to “purists,” LaBonte also claims that “homosexuals were never property,” so make of that what you will. The band heads out on tour with In Flames and Wovenwar in April.

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