Agalloch’s ‘The Serpent & the Sphere’ streaming now

Posted by on May 5, 2014

Four years ago, Agalloch’s fourth full-length album, Marrow of the Spirit was released. Thankfully the band have readied a follow-up, The Serpent & the Sphere. Even more thankfully, NPR is now streaming the album, which will be released May 13th on Profound Lore. The Portland quartet are really in their own realm, blending black metal, folk, and ambient music, and taking their time doing it. The fact that NPR is streaming the album should tell you how the sonic pallete of the album, in fact, there are a handful of acoustic interludes. We’re not even one listen into it yet, but can already hear it creeping onto top ten lists. Listen to it here and form your own opinion.

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