Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Will Never Buy A Physical CD Again

Posted by on January 16, 2013

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has been on a tear lately. Free of contractual obligations from Roadrunner and off the road, he’s been blogging up a storm at the band’s official web site. He’s calling his posts “The General Journals: Diary of a Frontman… And Other Ramblings, and makes sure to point out that this isn’t coming from a team of publicists or a press release, just straight talk from the man himself. His first post was an entertaining read about the unlikely friendship between him and former baseball manager Tony La Russa and how he wound up onstage jamming with Tony Orlando. This week, he turns the focus on Machine Head, and also the state of the music industry.

We’ll leave it to you to read the whole post, but in short, Flynn addresses the concept of the ‘album,’ stating that Spotify, which he subscribes to, has opened up a whole new world for him. “I’ve found more new and old bands on YouTube just surfing around than I ever have going to a record store,” he states. He then says that “I can say without a shred of doubt that I will never buy another physical CD again. Ever.”

Another possible thing Machine Head fans can look forward to: shorter songs. The band will be sitting down to write new music in the next few weeks, and when playing covers as “Ten Ton Hammer” in London, thought about the power of “cool, short songs,” as Flynn says. And he suggests that attention spans in general have gotten shorter, saying that Slayer’s Reign in Blood is a perfect, succinct 29-minute album. In short, the band don’t know how they’ll be releasing their next album, or even if it will be an album, as opposed to singles. But Flynn invites Machine Head fans to e-mail him to tell him how they want music from the band. The whole post is interesting and unfiltered. Read it here.


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