The AP calls NIN’s ‘Hurt’ a Johnny Cash cover

Posted by on September 3, 2013

Trent-Reznor Everything surrounding Nine Inch Nails as of late has been exciting, obviously attributed to the band’s anticipated album Hesitation Marks that was released today. As a headliner at this past weekend’s Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, the band’s Sunday night set drew the attention of the Associated Press, who gave it a positive review.

But unfortunately, the reviewer may not have been completely familiar with Reznor’s repertoire. While the Associated Press has since remedied later editions of the review, the first published version, cached here, credited Johnny Cash for Nine Inch Nails’ 1995 song “Hurt.” The line in the story read:

NIN closed the night with a slow and smoky cover of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” which earned nonstop cheers from the crowd. Reznor was soft as he sang the song’s verses — making it the set’s highlight.

While we all know that Cash in fact covered Reznor for his 2002 album American IV: The Man Comes Around, in all fairness, it could have been a Google mistake under deadline. While Reznor may be shaking his head at the error, we think Cash would be proud of the credit.  Either way, we are not here to judge, AP. When the  man behind the curtain reveals himself, it can be hypnotic and spell-binding so the writing haze is somewhat understandable, even if not completely excusable.

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